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Spanish car insurance pricing

You will have noticed that your vehicle insurance premium changes regularly. The price depends on various factors. These include the age of the driver and the length of his or her driving experience, traffic behaviour, type of vehicle and the zone of residence also play a role.   Motor vehicle insurance is more expensive for

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How to apply for the name transfer of a vehicle?

How to apply for the transfer of a vehicle?

When buying a car, the used car market has always been a good alternative. There are companies that deal with the transfer of vehicles. They take care of all the paperwork for a fee. However, these processes are not too complicated, and if we do it ourselves, we can save a lot of money.  

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Why is my car insurance going up?

A car insurance premium is the result of a calculation between several factors: age of the driver, years of driving licence, postcode, car characteristics (make, model, version, year of launch, power, cylinder capacity), bonus, etc.   Car insurance does not guarantee that this amount will be maintained forever. There are many situations that can cause

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When can I cancel my car insurance?

If for any reason you decide to cancel your current car insurance and replace it with another one, it is necessary to know what is the legal deadline for cancellation of the policy and the necessary steps to execute the cancellation correctly. This is the only way to ensure that insurance companies handle the cancellation

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