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Insurance in Spain Online Consultation

We answer all your questions, queries and doubts through our online advice service. Although we always prefer personal “face-to-face” contact, the new reality that the Covid-19 pandemic has generated, as well as the restriction of geographic mobilization of our clients, lead us to seek new ways to communicate and create digital channels to follow advising you. We offer you the following types of online advice:

  • Advice on Medical Insurance, Health Insurance and Dental Insurance in Spain

  • Advice on Home and Car Insurance

  • Advice on Risk Life Insurance, Life Insurance for Loan and / or Mortgage Guarantee

  • Advice on Business Insurance, SMEs or Civil Liability for Self-Employed

  • Advice on Pension Plans so that you can live your retirement peacefully: PPA, PPI, etc.

To request your online consultation, just fill in our appointment request form and we will call you on the desired date and time. We adapt to the technology you prefer: Teams, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.

Advice on Medical Insurance, Health Insurance and Dental Insurance in Spain

We can advise you on the different types of private health insurance in Spain: own medical insurance, reimbursement; the different modalities and coverages, limits, copays and franchises, waiting periods and exclusions, the importance of life policies, national and / or international coverage policies and we will analyze your needs, making a budget with the most suitable product for you.
If you are a foreigner residing in Spain and you spend time in your country of origin, we also have suitable products for your specific case. Likewise, if you need health insurance for residency issues, we are the right Insurance Broker to answer your questions. In any case, you have professional and very complete advice


Advice on Home and Car Insurance

We clarify all your doubts about home insurance and / or car insurance. The conversation can focus on the two types of insurance and their coverages or just one, depending on your needs and interests. About car insurance we will talk, for example, about what third-party, third-party and full-risk coverage consists of. In relation to home insurance, we can explore the differences between content and continent, the most common guarantees and we will also talk about special coverage such as, for example, tourist rental.


Advice on Risk Life Insurance, Life Insurance for the guarantee of Loans and / or Mortgages

Life insurance is essential to ensure that your family continues to have the same standard of living or that it can afford its debts (for example, mortgages or personal loans), if something happens to you. If you have children, life insurance can be the guarantee so that they continue to have the opportunity to learn. Likewise, you may not know it, but life insurance can be rescued in case of serious illness to seek a cure and in case of disability, provide you with enough funds so that someone takes care of you with dignity.


Or, if you have a business with partners, life insurance may be the answer to succession problems between partners . In our meeting we will do a financial analysis of your real needs and we will advise you with a product made to measure and much cheaper than in any bank or online comparator.



Advice on Business Insurance, SMEs or Civil Liability for Self-Employed

Depending on the type of company, branch and activity, we will advise you on the most appropriate insurance and coverage and we will clarify your doubts and questions. We can study your current policy to verify if your company has all the necessary coverages or if it would benefit from some additional ones such as loss of benefits due to interruption of activity, employer’s civil liability, etc. If you wish, we can also explore Cyber ​​Risk Insurance, Environmental Insurance and liability insurance for Ceos and Executives (D&O).


Advice on Pension Plans: ensure your retirement. PPA, PPI, etc.

When you are looking for the ideal protection for your financial future, a pension plan is essential, especially if you are a self-employed worker… and… it is never too late to start! It is very important to have a pension plan that ensures that your retirement years are not precarious. We will calculate how much you will have to contribute per month to be able to enjoy a financial level as before.

We will inform you of the different alternatives to invest your money according to your profile and needs. For example: choose between fixed or variable income and we will design a customized pension plan without additional expenses. In addition to the prevention benefits of the pension plan, there is also an important tax savings component that can greatly influence how much you pay annually in the tax return to the Treasury.

Remember that you can choose your personalized consultation by phone, video call by Skype or a face-to-face meeting in our offices.

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