Life Insurance in Spain ⭐ Expat & Foreign Residents

C1 BROKER®, International Insurance Brokers, offers you the best life and risk insurance, loan guarantee insurance and mortgage insurance.

life and risk insurance, loan guarantee insurance and mortgage insurance


We offer a range of solutions in risk life insurance and mortgage or loan guarantee insurance. We study the policies of the main insurance companies in Spain to advise you on the best guarantees and premiums. Request a specific study for your personal and family protection needs without obligation. We are sure that we will find the right product and much cheaper than if you take it out through the bank.

Why do I need life insurance?

It covers your family’s real expenses when you are unable to do so: children’s studies, debt settlement, medical bills, etc.
In the event of terminal illness, the Insurer will advance you a certain amount depending on what you have taken out, which you can use to treat yourself anywhere in the world or to take that trip that gives you some sense of meaning and comfort in this final phase of your life. 

Online will service, free of charge for clients. The best way to help your loved ones when you pass away.


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Life insurance designed for you and your needs in spain

Life insurance tailored to your financial situation

With C1 BROKER® you will find the type of life insurance you need, allowing your family to maintain their quality of life in the event of any unforeseen event you may suffer and achieving financial security for your retirement.


Conventional Risk Life Insurance

Helps you continue to maintain your standard of living in the event of permanent and/or absolute disability or, if you are absent, for your family to maintain their standard of living. It also advances you a percentage of the insured capital in case you are diagnosed with a serious illness. It also offers you free additional services.


Life Insurance in Spain for Couples

Did you know that if one spouse dies, the other will receive only 52-70% of what their partner earned as a widow’s or widower’s pension? Discover the advantages of this Life Insurance to ensure the stability of the family.


Express Life Insurance

Thanks to this life insurance you will receive the payment of the contracted capital – between 30.000€ and 90.000€ – very quickly and easily in case of death or disability – permanent and/or absolute. Less paperwork and all the protection you need.


Life Insurance Loan Guarantee / Financial Protection for your new life in Spain

If you have a mortgage or a loan, make sure no one inherits your debt. The Garantía Préstamos and Protección Financiera life insurance policies take care of any eventuality, death or absolute and permanent disability.

Ask us now for a life insurance simulation!

We have more advantageous solutions than the Banks and with better coverage.

Take out your life insurance in Spain at the best price

We have to offer you complete and flexible solutions for your life insurance or mortgage guarantee insurance.

Competitive prices and the quality of the best insurance companies.

We compare, study and research for you. You only win.

C1 Broker ®, International Insurance Broker, we work with a selection of the best Insurance Companies in Spain

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Why you should trust your life insurance in Spain to an Insurance Broker

C1 Broker works for you


C1 Broker is a professional insurance brokerage with a highly prepared team with legally imposed professional qualifications, knowledge and skills.

Save Money

C1 Broker's mission is to find you the best house insurance products in Portugal and solutions at affordable prices, with multi-insurance offerings

Claims Management

We work for you in the event of a claim. We ensure that claims are handled correctly and advise you on how to defend yourself.

We defend your interests

An insurance broker is independent and always puts the Customer first, whereas a tied agent defends the interests of the Insurance Companies.

Assistance in your Language

C1 Broker's commitment is to provide assistance, follow-up, and professional advice to our clients. We speak several languages, so that we can offer you correct and responsible advice in your own language.

Choice of Multi Insurance Companies

We collaborate with several insurers, so we are always able to provide the insurance products and contracts best suited to your clients' needs. You always have the possibility to choose the best insurance company, independently, impartially.

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