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Asisa Adapts to the Animal Welfare Law: Includes Civil Liability in its Pet Insurance Policies

Asisa Adapts to the Animal Welfare Law Includes Civil Liability in its Pet Insurance Policies - C1 Broker - Insurance Broker - Pet Insuance Spain

Asisa has included civil liability cover in its pet insurance, complying with the Animal Welfare Act which requires civil liability insurance for dogs.


Asisa Pets offers three coverage options:

  • 150,000 euros,
  • 200,000 euros
  • 300.000 euros


Adapting to the needs of pet owners. In the near future, Asisa plans to launch an exclusive pet liability product.


In addition to this new cover, Asisa pet insurance offers access to a wide network of more than 440 veterinary clinics throughout the country, with discounts of more than 40% compared to standard rates. This insurance also covers regular consultations, essential vaccinations such as coronavirosis, trivalent, tetravalent or rabies, and a 24-hour emergency service.


Asisa Pets goes further by providing a telephone veterinary guidance service, video consultations and a chat with veterinary professionals, ensuring the resolution of any queries related to pet health, including symptoms, treatments and illnesses.


In addition to these benefits, Asisa Pets offers the possibility of taking out additional guarantees such as a capital sum in the event of death due to an accident, coverage in the event of theft, as well as expenses for slaughter and disposal of remains.


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