Pension Plans in Spain

Plan your future in Spain today. Take out a pension plan and receive immediate tax benefits. At C1 Broker, Insurance Broker we help you find the most beneficial solution.

Pension plans

If you are thinking of acquiring a Pension Plan, you have come to the right place.

If you are thinking of taking out a pension plan / retirement savings in Spain, C1 BROKER is your right contact. We offer the best advice on pension plans – take out your pension plan to plan for your future and receive immediate tax benefits. We are specialists in expats and english-speaking residents in Spain. 26 years of experience at your service – Plan your future with C1 Broker – international insurance broker in Spain.

We have a pension plan for you

C1 Broker is an Insurance Broker, which frequently investigates the different pension plans available in the market and what their tax benefits are. We can advise you and calculate which would be the appropriate pension plan for your income level and guarantee that tomorrow you have a more secure financial future-

Our professionals have more than 25 years of experience in the sector and can advise you on which is the appropriate plan.


We work on pension plans with the best insurance companies, leaders in solvency: Zurich, Allianz, Helvetia, Liberty Seguros, etc …


Secure your future in 4 easy steps:
  1. Find out what you will charge when you retire and go ahead

  2. We inform you of the pension plan that best suits you

  3. Calculate how much you have to contribute per month to be able to enjoy your future as before

  4. Contract your plan taking advantage of our offers and special prices


We have a pension plan for you

Find out about the different alternatives to invest your money according to your profile and your needs. We can offer you fixed or variable income plans and design your customized pension plan with the professional advice of C1 Broker and without additional expenses.

What do you have to ask yourself to choose the best pension plan?

With the increase in life expectancy and cuts in social security, getting a good pension plan may become the only guarantee of financial stability in the future. And that’s what pension plans are: savings plans for a term of ten years or more with the aim of having a good economic cushion when the work stage is over. To do this, you have to choose how much you want or can save per month or per year and where you want to invest that money, basically between variable or fixed funds.


Variable funds are recommended for young investors who do not mind taking a little more risk with the possibility of seeing their capital grow much more. On the other hand, during the ages closer to retirement it is recommended to invest in fixed return funds.


When opening a pension plan, you must also take into account:

– Taxation: you can deduct annual contributions up to the limit set by law.

– Rescue a pension plan: the money invested in pension plans can be rescued in the event of permanent disability, long-term unemployment or death.


The optimal time to open a pension plan: it is recommended that the sooner the better. The ideal would be to do it from the age of 30 or shortly after entering the labor market.

Choosing the best pension plan

We have to offer you complete and flexible solutions for your pension plan.

Competitive prices and the quality of the best insurance companies.

We compare, study and research for you. You only win.

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Why you should trust your house insurance in Spain to an Insurance Broker

C1 Broker works for you


C1 Broker is a professional insurance brokerage with a highly prepared team with legally imposed professional qualifications, knowledge and skills.

Save Money

C1 Broker's mission is to find you the best house insurance products in Spain and solutions at affordable prices, with multi-insurance offerings

Claims Management

We work for you in the event of a claim. We ensure that claims are handled correctly and advise you on how to defend yourself.

We defend your interests

An insurance broker is independent and always puts the Customer first, whereas a tied agent defends the interests of the Insurance Companies.

Assistance in your Language

C1 Broker's commitment is to provide assistance, follow-up, and professional advice to our clients. We speak several languages, so that we can offer you correct and responsible advice in your own language.

Choice of Multi Insurance Companies

We collaborate with several insurers, so we are always able to provide the insurance products and contracts best suited to your clients' needs. You always have the possibility to choose the best insurance company, independently, impartially.

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