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Together we are stronger. Our network of insurance agents and staff aims to maximize the insurance experience for our clients.

C1 BROKER® - A New Vision For Insurance Agents​

Secure your future today by becoming a C1 insurance broker. Join our organisation and we will pave the way to your success. Whether you are a newcomer or have an existing portfolio of clients, we will be your business partner.

There is a need to make an initial investment. If you would like to open your own branch office, C1 BROKER has a range of models available and financial help in place to help get you started.

Also, if you have been working as an exclusive agent in Spain and now recognize how limited selling insurance in this way is, you can start afresh with C1 BROKER.



C1 BROKER aims to revolutionize the Spanish insurance industry by offering:
A broker and franchise system developed by agents for agents



Always working to maintain our position as the best independent agency solution



Solution Centric

A solution-centric approach – focusing on solving problems so that our agents can do what they do best: sell insurance

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C1 BROKER ® : Insurance Brokerage Reinvented

C1 BROKER ®: Our Strategy ​

C1 BROKER’s strategy is simple: we put our agents and franchisees at the center of our universe and build the business around them. We offer customers and insurance agents the best choice of insurance companies and at the same time a first-class, efficient back-up service, which is available in several languages.

Our call-centre is set up to provide full support to our insurance agents, a vital ingredient in our success story, and a very different proposition centres run by insurance companies, where there is little focus on the needs and expectations of either insurance agents or their customers.

Instead of modelling C1 BROKER on traditional insurance agencies, CEO Dr. Susana Wichels and her team have gone back to the drawing board. They have designed a business model that provides the best service, value and experience for their clients and insurance agents.

By hiring a team of industry experts and using the latest technology, C1 BROKER has become one of the most promising intermediaries in the insurance industry, offering more options and better service than any other agency or broker. 

Without question, the best sales force in insurance is the intermediary. These are the local agents or broker who can build one-to-one relationships: consumers need to know their insurance agent, while the agent needs to have time to listen to their customers. 

The value of being an intermediary is in its ability to offer a personalised, close, and professional business platform that no online price comparison site or impersonal call-centre can do. And, in the face of industry changes in today’s climate, only insurance agents and brokers who offer a solid, reliable network will survive and be able to meet the future needs of their customers.

We make it easy for you, giving you the time to concentrate exclusively on generating sales. Our relationship with the best insurance companies, combined with comprehensive back-end support, makes this possible. 
You can shift your focus and provide your customers with choices by preparing competitive quotes and concluding new insurance contracts.


We make it easy for you, giving you the time to concentrate exclusively on generating sales. Our relationship with the best insurance companies, combined with comprehensive back-end support, makes this possible.
You can shift your focus and provide your customers with choices by preparing competitive quotes and concluding new insurance contracts.


We empower our insurance agents to focus on sales, while we take care of backend support. When it comes to profitability, C1 BROKER agents have a competitive advantage with our proven business model. Our insurance agents receive first-class commissions and have higher closing rates.


Wir haben unsere Versicherungskarriere vor fünfundzwanzig Jahren begonnen – mit einer kleinen Agentur im Süden Teneriffas. Die Kunden kamen zu uns, um sich bei ihrem örtlichen Agenten zu versichern

Darüber hinaus wollte der Kunde, dass wir uns um seinen Service kümmern. Er wollte nicht bei einem unpersönlichen Call Center anrufen. So übernahmen wir den gesamten Kunden- und Schadensservice und entwickelten uns zu einer der bedeutendsten Agenturen in Spanien, mit mehreren Millionen Euro Bestandsvolumen..


You will benefit from a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success – providing answers and advice and taking care of your customers’ post-sale needs – so that you can grow your business as quickly as possible. 
We offer a complete package  that includes accounting, marketing, PR, analytics and management consulting support, plus industry-leading customer service support for your clients.


We offer innovative marketing and operational processes that increase profits.

Don’t waste time with activities that don’t generate revenue.

We offer you to be part of a successful and growing company where financial results are aligned.

C1 BROKER grows only when our business partners grow. Our comprehensive support offers our partners high rates of development and growth.

Industry-leading technology results in efficient, business-enhancing and automated workflows and insights. Our IT management system allows you to manage your agency like you’ve never seen before. 
C1 BROKER uses cloud-based technologies that allow our insurance agents and employees to seamlessly transition to remote work at times like these.

You will benefit from a team of experienced professionals dedicated to your success – providing answers and advice and taking care of your customers’ post-sale needs – so that you can grow your business as quickly as possible. 
We offer a complete package  that includes accounting, marketing, PR, analytics and management consulting support, plus industry-leading customer service support for your customers. 

C1 BROKER’s comprehensive programme gives you the knowledge, skills and behaviours you need to succeed. We support you from the start, with a business plan that is clearly focused on profitability and based on the experience of established and successful insurance agents.
We will work with you, as the new agency owner, on financial modelling and providing the necessary training and licences.

Your focus is on increasing sales. We take care of the after-sales service, so you can invest all your energy on sales. You can concentrate fully on generating new business, while our fully-licensed service team proactively manages your business. 

C1 BROKER gives franchise agency owners the opportunity to choose from an unsurpassed A-rated insurance portfolio, allowing our partners to offer first-class insurance coverage at affordable premiums. 

We manage the relationships with insurance agencies, so you do not have to worry about quotas or production requirements. Sell as much as you want to achieve your sales and agency growth goals. We do the rest.

As you build your business, our agency development consultants, who have years of experience in the industry, will help you achieve your goals.

We offer unsurpassed sales and renewal commissions. Insurance companies pay low commissions to new entrants and offer little support for their sales activities. As a C1 BROKER insurance agent, you can benefit from high commissions from day one, helping you make the most of your sales force. And above all, we help to protect your customer portfolio.

We provide comprehensive support and bring the business right to your door. We enable you to run your own campaigns, using professionally- designed and produced materials. Our in-house marketing department will take care of this. We offer support in managing social media and digital marketing, developing a marketing plan and strategy.



C1 BROKER ® – Business Model

C1 BROKER ®  offers advice and assistance to help you keep up with the dynamically changing insurance market.


We focus on making the insurance process as pleasant as possible. Our business model brings together a powerful online presence and invaluable professional on-site advice.

The C1 BROKER insurance agent or franchise model is suitable for all dedicated sales specialists with or without an insurance background. Our network provides access to a support team of insurance professionals who take responsibility for the administrative work, while introducing the highest level of experience, training, contacts, know-how and back-office support to its franchisees and insurance agents.

C1 BROKER is the specialist in car, home, life, health and business insurance for expatriates living in Spain. We work together with all the top insurance companies.

Are you thinking about starting your own insurance agency in Spain?

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced agency owner, there are many factors to consider in today’s market.
You first have to decide whether you want to work as a one-company representative (Agente exclusive) or as a freelance broker.

This decision may seem obvious, but it is important to know that it is impossible to be approved as an independent broker in Spain – especially if you are not a native of Spain and do not have a good command of the language. The only option is to become a one-company representative  – an exclusive agent of a single company.

However, as a tied agent, you only have access to the products on offer from that insurance company. If the price and scope of the product you sell are not what is wanted, you have no choice but to leave potential customers to the competition. In addition, commissions available to tied agents are limited.

On the other hand, independent brokers such as C1 BROKER are able to work with a number of insurance companies and can provide a solution to almost any problem. From a personal car policy to insurance for skyscrapers to state insurance contracts, independent brokers are able to arrange contracts with all companies. C1 BROKER insurance agents and franchisees receive an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution 


•    State-of-the-art software system for agency management
•    Higher commission levels than with most insurance companies
•    Acquisition and portfolio commission
•    Paperless working
•    Administrative work support  that covers policy changes, claims processing, premium claims, customer service 
•    Online presence
•    Products that include home, auto, retail, life, health and other financial services
•    A variety of comparative valuation options
•    Effective marketing programmes
•    Marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, business cards, etc.
•    Education, training and support
•    Automation tools
•    Email accounts
•    The “Top 10” insurance companies in the portfolio 
•    Methods to increase your key performance indicators
•    Support in marketing and business planning


C1 BROKER has established relationships with local and national A-rated insurance companies in Spain. This allows us to sell a wide range of products from a large group of insurance companies. Our experts analyze similar products and policies from several different Insurance companies. This gives us flexibility in deciding on a combination of insurance cover and deductibles.

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C1 BROKER has special agreements with insurance companies so it can offer the rates, coverage and brand awareness that you need to succeed in the insurance business. Our tools and training courses show you how to spend time on the most important thing: SELLING! 

C1 BROKER ® has established relationships with the best Insurance Companies in Spain. This allows us to sell a wide range of products from a large group of Insurance Companies.

Seguros para empresas - corredores de seguros especializados en empresas seguros_empresas_responsabilidad_civil_C1_broker_correduria_de_seguros_tenerife_la_palma_canarias_gran_canaria_maspalomas_denia_mallorca_marina_fuerteventura_lanzarote
Fly with us! Why is C1 BROKER the right choice for you?


Learn more about how to become the owner of your agency

C1 BROKER® is the right choice because we make it easy for insurance agents to expand their business. Our model enables insurance agents to generate a high volume of quality leads at a fraction of the customer acquisition cost of our competitors. Our service teams handle all support functions, allowing our insurance agents to focus on building their portfolios.

We provide new owners of C1 BROKER agencies with a business coach to prepare them for the start-up and growth of their business.

We Offer:

•    Training on products and services
•    Support in business development and management
•    Help with branding and placement of local agencies
•    Training and onboarding. As with any career opportunity, training is critical to your success

Solutions For New Agents:

If you would like to open your own agency, we can help you to get started. We will give you access to the C1 BROKER success system and keep you informed and always up to date about the dynamically changing Spanish insurance industry. We offer you effective access to insurance and innovative marketing techniques to help you become a successful insurance professional faster. Key to your future is our offer of:

  • Above-average commissions

  • Dynamic online marketing

  • Your own web presence for lead generation

  • The C1 BROKER success system

  • Your ownership the portfolio of clients


With more than 26 years’ experience in this industry, the C1 BROKER system raises the turnover of your existing agency to a new level, with:
•    Access to the best insurance companies
•    Possibilities of taking out policies that are not available to individual insurance agents
•    Online marketing competence

Solutions For Existing Insurance Agents:

If you already have your own independent agency, we can help you to realise the potential in your geographical region and maximise on success. We offer you brand awareness and independence.


We simplify insurance sales! You concentrate exclusively on generating turnover. Our relations with the best insurance companies, combined with comprehensive back-end support, make this possible for you.  You shift your focus to offering your customers choices. This allows you to concentrate on preparing offers and concluding new insurance contracts.



Today, small agencies need to compete with new players. They must reinvent themselves in order to survive. But why do this on your own when you can join a winning team?

C1 BROKER ® - Together we are stronger

We launched our insurance business 25 years ago as a small agency in the south of Tenerife. Clients came to us to as their preferred local agent and wanted us to take care of them.


What they did not want was to contact a call-centre, manned by indifferent staff. As a result, we took over the entire customer and claims service operation and we fast developed into one of the most important agencies in Spain, with a substantial portfolio valued at several million euros.

That was then, nearly three decades ago. Today, the insurance market is dramatically different. Insurance companies are trying to generate a large part of their revenues themselves; direct insurance is becoming increasingly important for insurance companies, displacing small- and medium-sized agencies. There are also new aggressive players eroding the market– banks and online comparison sites are attempting to entice customers by offering low prices. 

The way we interact with customers has also changed. Insurance agents must be available 24/7. They must invest in digital and automated processes – that is the only way they can keep their business reasonably profitable.

Today, small agencies need to compete with these new players. They must reinvent themselves in order to survive. But why do this on your own when you can join a winning team?

C1 BROKER® Insurance reinvented

As the leading independent insurance agent and franchisee system for agencies, we can help you realize your potential. We will be your true business partner. 

Only C1 BROKER offers you comprehensive support so you can grow your business as quickly as possible. We offer our clients complete and transparent access to leading insurance companies.

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Konzentration von Versicherungsagenturen

Dr Wichels says: “Insurance companies are run by people like us. But their job is to run the company as efficiently as possible. This raises the question: Does an insurance company want to have its product sold by as many insurance agents as possible to generate the highest possible turnover? The answer is no.

“If an insurance company’s goal is to sell as many policies as possible to generate the highest possible premium, then it must run its business as efficiently as possible. 
“So if a company has 20 area managers throughout Spain and 150,000 licensed agents have been appointed, each area manager would be responsible for managing about 7,5000 agents. That is not efficient. And the agencies cannot be managed properly.

“In addition, every person is different. Every independent agency or broker has its own peculiarities, its own way of doing business. And we all know that not every insurance agent is professional. 

“This is a real challenge for insurance companies. That is why the concentration of insurance agents and brokers is a trend in the insurance industry.”


Frequently Asked Questions

As the owner of a C1 BROKER agency or as an independent C1 BROKER insurance agent, you will enjoy a comprehensive support system that allows you to focus on selling new business. Everything else – from accounting to data analysis, customer service, marketing and more – is done for you by staff at C1 BROKER whose interests completely align with yours. We are only successful if you are successful.

Efficient – the C1 BROKER model provides you with everything you need to lead a powerful sales team or be successful as an insurance agent. You can focus exclusively on new client business.
Let the dream of having your own business become a reality so that you are able to help your friends, family, and people in your community make the right decisions so that everything they have worked hard for is protected.

It’s very simple. When Dr Wichels developed this concept, she knew from the beginning that there must be mutual benefits. You are only strong when you work together. C1 BROKER demands nothing from its agents that is impossible. It is important to grow together. Insurance agents are equal partners.
This is the premise on which the entire C1 BROKER model is built. We only do things that are good for our agents, good for insurance customers, and good for C1 BROKER. 
This arrangement means that the insurance agent or franchisee and all employees of C1 BROKER work every day to ensure mutual success.

No. We offer various options for certification and training.

Do you have any questions?

Good entrepreneurs always have a lot of questions. Do you have any?

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