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Insurance for Hotels & Local Accommodation in Spain

With C1 Broker you will have your hotel or aparthotel well insured


We have policies for hotels - of all sizes, from hotel chains to boutique hotels -, Paradores, Pensions, Aparthotels, Youth Hostels, Campings and Rural Houses.

What is a hotel insurance policy?

The Hotel Insurance Policy is a multi-risk product designed for hotel companies that offers comprehensive protection both of the hotel’s heritage and assets (building and contents), as well as of the operating activity and, in addition, of the guests and their belongings.

Hotel insurance serves to protect you against the damages that your hotel or pension may suffer (Fire, Floods, Theft, etc.) and from the Civil Liability claims that you may receive from your guests, visitors or employees.

In certain municipalities, hospitality policies are an essential requirement to obtain the opening license.

C1 Broker, Insurance Broker, offers insurance policies for hotels that will allow you to insure your guests and your entire business in a single product. We have policies for hotels – of all sizes, from hotel chains to boutique hotels -, Paradores, Pensions, Aparthotels, Youth Hostels, Campings and Rural Houses.

Hotel policies are multi-risk since they cover both the building (continent), the content (furniture, decoration, stocks, industrial furnishings), civil liability , including that derived from the organization of leisure or recreational activities in the facilities from the hotel or outside of them.

C1 Broker: by your side to take care of your guests and your business

We work with the best Insurance Companies to ensure that our Policies offer the most complete and necessary guarantees to the Hospitality sector:


Civil liability

One of the most important guarantees in Hotel Policies is the Civil Liability guarantee, which requires professional advice to adapt the policy to the specific characteristics of each hotel operation. In most of the policies the General Civil Liability is displayed in Basic Civil Liability, Civil Liability as the owner of the property , Civil Liability of the operation or activity carried out, Employer Civil Liability, Civil Liability of the Products, etc.

This guarantee is activated, for example, to attend to damage claims and to compensate guests, visitors or even employees and neighbors for the activity of the hotel operation , for claims covered in the policy or resulting from an unintentional act. For example, it would be activated in the event of accident, death, damage to health or property of guests.

If, when hiring your Hotel Policy, your company is not correctly advised on the appropriate level of civil liability, it is possible that, when a claim arises, you are in a situation of non-coverage and have to pay compensation with the capital of your company (or if you are autonomous, with your private capital). For example, in the event of a Fire, Theft or Food Poisoning if the Civil Liability guarantee is not correctly configured, it is possible that your company or you, as a Self-Employed Administrator, have to answer for the compensation. This is a very uncomfortable situation and it can be perfectly avoided if at the time of contracting or renewing your policy you receive the appropriate advice.


Still within the Civil Liability coverage, the following events or types of claims are included:

– In the event of an error in the reservation system, personal or material damage that may be caused to a client is covered.
– Physical damage caused to employees in the performance of their work is covered. (For example, a kitchen helper who cuts his finger.)
– Accidents and damages caused to guests during their stay at the hotel are covered (For example: a client falls in the lobby due to the wet floor)
– Parking damage is covered (For example: a roof tile falls off and breaks a parked car)
– Damage to the health of guests and employees is covered (for example, food poisoning, rashes on the skin or on the cornea of ​​the eyes due to the improper use of chemicals in the pool)

Hotel Policy Guarantees

In addition to Civil Liability, Multi-risk Hotel Insurance usually offers coverage for facilities (buildings), guest belongings and inventory (Content: furniture, industrial furnishings and stocks).

In addition to the basic guarantees, you should consider contracting additional coverage according to the type of hotel operation. For example:


  • Damage caused by Fire and Smoke

  • Damages by Atmospheric Phenomena (wind, hail, etc.)

  • Debris and Demolition

  • Landslide and sludge extraction

  • Lightning Strike

  • Fire and Rescue Costs

  • Surveillance Expenses

  • Water damage and excess water consumption in the event of an accident

  • Theft and Theft , including theft and theft of guests’ personal belongings in the room or in the room safe.

  • Machinery breakdown (elevators, forklifts, air conditioners, kitchen extractors, generators, etc.)

  • Computer Breakdown

  • Electrical Damage

  • Refrigerated Goods (goods stored in cold rooms and refrigerated appliances). Deterioration, damage or destruction of refrigerated goods in case of power failure due to electrical damage.

  • Loss of Benefits (For example, in case the hotel has to close due to an event / claim covered by the policy) There are several types of compensation: Daily Compensation, Permanent Expenses or Gross Profit.

  • Gardens and Trees

  • Satellite dishes and radio or television masts

  • Glass Breakage , Signs and Neon Signs

  • Theft of clients’ personal effects on the premises of the establishment, as well as money, jewelery and valuables in a safe

  • Legal defense

  • Temporarily displaced goods (for example, if you lend part of your equipment to another hotel for an event; if you participate in an exhibition or if the goods are moved for repair)

  • Property in Custody (for example, 2000 chairs are rented for an event held in the hotel gardens and they set fire)

  • Forced eviction (for example: if you have to move all the furniture after a flood to a rental unit)

  • Loss of Rentals (if, due to an accident covered in the policy – for example, a fire – you cannot rent the hotel rooms as they are undergoing renovation and renovation – this guarantee would cover the values ​​of the reserves)

  • Employee infidelity (for example, theft and embezzlement of the restaurant box).

  • Coverage for the reconstruction and recovery of records, files, plans and files destroyed as a result of a claim covered by the policy

  • Civil Liability of the Hotel Director for actions or omissions that may generate claims to the hotel


In order to contract a hotel policy, Insurance Companies usually require the existence of a series of security measures, such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc. Certain policies are automatically accepted (for example, hotels of 3 million euros on the continent) but others require the intervention of an expert to review the security conditions of the facilities (for example, hotels of more than 7 million euros).


At C1 Broker, Insurance Broker, we study the various policies and hospitality products on the market , to present you with a selection that suits your type of hotel operation , always respecting the quality-price ratio .


Our specialists in hotel insurance are located in Tenerife, Gran Canaria, La Palma, Mallorca and Valencia.

Insurance for Local Accommodation in Spain

The affluence of tourists to Spain tends to increase and, as a consequence, there is a growth in tourism activities such as Local Accommodation (AL – Alojamento Local).

C1 Broker’s offers insurance for your local accommodation project in Spain, complying with legal requirements and, at the same time, allowing you to safeguard your investment.

Insurance for Local Accommodation in Spain

In recent years, the demand for holiday rentals in Spain has increased significantly, particularly the search for local accommodation (AL). If you have invested in a local lodging or transformed your second residency into a holiday rental, you will be interested in knowing more about the insurance solutions offered by C1 Broker for holiday homes.

Insurance for local accommodation serves not only to protect your property assets and your financial stability, but also to respond to legal requirements* for the protection of your guests and third parties. * Decree-Law No. 128/2014, of 29 August 2014 – Regime of authorisation for the operation of Local Accommodation establishments.

The activity of Local Accommodation in Spain is regulated with legislation that establishes the legal regime for the operation of this type of business, determining that its holder must take out, and keep valid, insurance policies to guarantee the risks of Civil Liability and Fire.

We adapt our insurance proposals depending on the regime in which the Local Accommodation (AL) activity is exercised:

  • Flat or AL Holiday Villa Rental in the main/permanent dwelling, on an occasional or non-occasional basis.
  • In one or more dwellings or in accommodation establishments (including Hostel), on an exclusive basis

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More Information

Shall we talk? We will contact you to give you more information about hotel insurance:

C1 Broker ®, Insurance Broker, we work with a selection of the best Insurance Companies in Spain:

FAQ about Holiday Rentals Insurance in Spain

The minimum compulsory sum insured is 75.000 Euros for third party liability cover, which should cover any damage caused to guests or third parties. In addition to this there is also compulsory fire cover, if the local accommodation is located in a building under horizontal property regime. Consult also our blog post about Holiday Rentals in Spain


Contact us today for personalised advice on how to properly insure your hotel or touritical project.

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