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CAR insurance in SPAIN

Are you looking for good motor vehicle insurance in Spain? C1 BROKER ® offers tailored insurance.


Car and Motorcycle Insurance, the best offers with the best Companies: Zurich, Allianz, Helvetia, Liberty ...

From renowned insurance firms such as Zurich, Allianz, Liberty, and Helvetia, we select the best, most economical package. There’s no need to shop around for insurance quotes every year. We can take care of this for you as an insurance broker and provide other solutions.

Which of the following would you like to insure: your car,motorcycle,or van? C1 Broker has the right insurance for you, no matter what type of vehicle you have. Avoid online comparison sites. Banks and direct insurers advertise the lowest prices, but when you have a problem, no one is accessible to help, and you end up on hold with a call centre where no one speaks your language. Finding affordable insurance, having adequate insurance coverage, and having a reliable support service are the most critical factors.

If you’re not aware what level of coverage is available in the Spanish insurance market, here’s a quick explanation:

– Insurance policy with Public Liability Cover

(third-party liability, travel assistance, accidents of the driver , legal defense, free choice of garage and /or use of collaborating garages)

– Insurance policy with Public liability Cover

 (third-party liability, travel assistance, accidents of the driver , legal defense and free choice of garages and /or use of collaborating garages)
+  windows

 – Partial Cover

Insurance policy with third-party liability guarantee (third-party liability, travel assistance, accidents of the driver, legal defense and free choice of garages and/or use of participating garages)
+ windows +fire + breakin/theft 

– Fully comprehensive cover with or without excess

– Policy for oldtimers and classic cars

All insurers issue these basic policies,however C1 Broker will guide and assist you in finding the

Insurance Company that is most suitable for your driver and vehicle requirements. The finer details of any agreement always need to be checked as each individual cover can differ significantly.

When registering a vehicle in Spain, Insurance  is a legal requirement. This applies if your vehicle is in use,parked or is pending repair. You can tailor make your insurance by adding on optional covers to the basic guarantees.

What you need to know about car and motorbike insurance cover:

Most of us are aware of of the different types of insurance but are we certain of what is included in each cover? Here are a few useful examples:

What does motor vehicle liability insurance cover?

Basic Liability Cover but this can vary according to the Insurance Company:


Basic cover legally required. Takes effect should an accident occur causing injury to third parties. For example up to 70,000,000 euros for personal damages.

24H TRAVEL ASSISTANCE (“Grua” or “Asistencia”)

Whilst on the road or if your car won’t start 24h travel assistance is available.Your insurance company will attend to your car in situ (flat battery/tyres) or will transport your vehicle to your preferred garaje within a radius of 200km. However,please take note that tow mileage or services per year may vary according to the insurance company.C1 broker are at hand to point out this information as this can affect the service available should you actívate the cover.


Capital can vary when injured in a roadside traffic accident ranging from 4,000 euros up to 100,000 euros. Certain policies exclude accidents of the driver. Once again this depends on the insurance companies and products available.​​


Should you need a lawyer having been involved in an accident there are two options depending on your policy and the  insurance company. We can appoint a lawyer at no limit of cost or you can choose your own lawyer up to 1,500€ with the possibility of extending this to 3,000€


There may be some restrictions when choosing your repair garaje, for example limited choice or a reduced radius to within 100km of your home address. Normally if you have had an accident and your car needs to be repaired then free choice of garaje is within a 200km radius.


Special perks, conditions and services are available when choosing an authorised collaborating repair garage. All reputable Insurance companies should provide this service.With Zurich Insurance,they guarantee exclusive benefits offering more than 800 garages to choose from.( Please read more about collaborating garages in Spain here)​

What does liability insurance with glass breakage include ("Terceros con Lunas")?

All third party cover included (third-party liability, travel assistance, accidents of the driver, legal defense and free choice of garages and /or use of participating garages) plus:


Cover when driving and your window/windscreen is cracked or broken by a stone. The glass can either be replaced or repaired depending on the damage.

What is included in Third Party Extended ("Terceros ampliado") insurance?

All of the liability cover + windows as described above plus…​​

Break-in/theft cover

In the unfortunate event that your vehicle has been stolen you are covered. Also included are are break- ins and burglary of personal items (e.g coat guaranteed up to the amount indicated in the policy (normally 300 euros)

In the case of theft of your vehicle certain companies will compensate the original value i.e. 3 years after the initial registration date.

Fire insurance

If your car is damaged and partially burned by fire, repair costs are covered by the insurance company.

Atmospheric phenomena and damage caused by wild animals

Atmospheric phenomena such as hail (if hailstones dent your car) or if a deer runs into your car in mountainous terrain, etc…

What does fully comprehensive cover include ("Todo Riesgo")?

All of the liability cover previously mentioned plus…

Total write-off cover
If your car is written off and the accident does not involve a third party, 100% of the car value during the first 3 years after the date of first registration is awarded.

Material damage cover with or without excess

Various options are available. The excess can range from : 150 euros,300 euros, 600 euros or higher.
This cover will protect you if you damage your car whilst parking.You only have to pay the excess and the Insurance Company will foot the rest of the bill. When contemplating this cover look at all the excess options as this can have an effect on the premium.

Car insurance in Spain without worries

We can offer you complete and flexible solutions for your car and motorbike insurance in Spain. Depending on whether you want a simple third-party offer or a policy with more comprehensive modules which also guarantee own damage to your vehicle, C1 Broker has the right insurance for you. Competitive prices and the quality of the best insurance companies.

We compare, study and research for you. It’s a win-win situation for you.

C1 Broker ®, Insurance Broker, we work with a selection of the best Insurance Companies in Spain:

What you need to know about Car Insurance in Spain in 2022

As a specialist in car insurance for expats and foreign residents in Spain, C1 Broker can tell you all you need to know about car insurance coverage in Spain, including information about covers, premiums, no claim bonuses, deductibles and how to choose the best motor insurance.

If you’re planning on driving in Spain, make sure that your vehicle is properly insured. Not only will it protect any assets from harm but also allows for legal compensation should something happen along the way!

Spain’s highways are some of the safest in Europe, but there is one important thing to remember – if you’re driving an uninsured car on Spanish roads then it will be swiftly taken off your hands by police. As with many other countries though choosing which insurer and level of insurance suits best can get complicated so make sure to have the right brokerage company on your side.

In our Q&A we tell you all you need to know about insuring you car or moto in Spain:

  • Level of Coverage available while insuring your car in Spain
  • Car insurance companies operating in Spain
  • The system of bonuses and penalties / no claim bonus in Spain
  • The SINCO system / History of no claims in the Spanish database
  • What you should take in consideration while choosing your car insurance in Spain
  • Applying for car insurance in Spain: documents you need
  • In case of an accident: how to make a car insurance claim in Spain
  • Cancelling an insurance contract in Spain
  • Making a complaint against an insurance company in Spain
  • Roadside assistance in Spain

Q&A about Car Insurance in Spain

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Insurance in Spain

Yes, car insurance is compulsory in Spain

  • In order to drive legally on a public road, it is compulsory to have a civil liability insurance.
  • The minimum coverage of the compulsory third party liability insurance must cover a minimum of 6.070.000 euros per accident for bodily injury and 1.220.000 euros per accident for property damage. These minimum amounts are updated more or less every five years.
  • This insurance is compulsory not only to drive on the road, but also to have the vehicle parked on any public road. So, even if you have your car parked, remember that the insurance must be in force.

You can choose several coverage options in your car insurance policy.

  • From the simplest option, starting with the compulsory third-party liability insurance (Terceros), to various optional covers, such as roadside assistance, accidents of occupants, additional third-party liability capital, legal protection, cover for own damage, Theft, Fire, Replacement Vehicle (breakdown or accident), New Replacement Value, Nature’s Extraordinary Phenomenon and Aircraft Crashes, etc.
  • Depending on the Insurance Companies, car insurance solutions are organised in coverage plans such as Third Party, Basic and Complete Full risk, etc.

At C1 Broker, we study and compare hundreds of policies and insurance products in Spain to always offer you the best coverage.

Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

There are several consequences associated with driving without insurance. Third party liability insurance is compulsory in Spain in order to drive on the road. If you drive a car without insurance, or with expired insurance, you are in an illegal situation and subject to heavy fines, besides, in case of control, your vehicle will be immediately impounded by the portuguese authorities (Guardia Civil).

  • The fine for driving without insurance in Spain can vary between 500 and 2500 Euros.
  • Likewise, as this is a serious offence in Spain, the driver of a car without insurance will lose two points on his driving licence and may be banned from driving for a certain period of time (between one month and one year).
  • The worst-case scenario would be if you have an accident, as either the driver or the owner of the vehicle may be liable to pay compensation to the injured parties.
  • If you are at fault in the accident and there are injured parties, the situation becomes really complicated. In addition to paying the fine, you will be obliged to compensate all the victims of the accident who have suffered material damage and physical injury and, in cases where serious injuries have been caused or someone has died, you will face legal proceedings which may result in imprisonment.
  • By the way, remember that insurance is compulsory not only for your motor vehicle but also for the trailers.

Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

There are a number of reasons why the price of your motor insurance may increase. Your car insurance premium is not the same as other drivers’, because there are factors that determine the price that each one pays for the same service. Not all drivers are the same and not all cars have the same characteristics or are driven with the same frequency, so there are different levels of risk. These are the most common factors:

  • The age of the driver
  • The experience of the driver (how long they have had their licence and the value of the no claim bonus)
  • How old is the car (the older the vehicle, the more it will need roadside assistance)
  • Claims frequency (The number of accidents declared greatly increases the renewal value of the policy)
  • Number of fines (Yes, your collection of fines and other traffic violations influence the renewal price)
  • The area you drive (it is not the same driving the car in Lisbon or Alentejo, where the density of cars is lower and therefore the possibility of claims is lower)
  • Excess / Deductibles – If you choose an insurance policy with an excess, this will greatly reduce the annual cost of your insurance policy.
  • The number of accidents in the area you drive in.

Most insurers update the value of the insurance, at the time of the renewal of the contract.  C1 Broker can help you find the best solution for your car insurance in Spain.

Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

Not sure how to choose the right insurance for your car or motorcycle in Spain? That’s ok and quite common, as there is a variety of offers with different prices and several basic and complementary covers in the spanish market.

The best thing is to put yourself in the hands of a professional insurance broker specialized in insurance for expatriates in Spain who will help you make the right decision. Remember that insurance brokers are impartial, and their mission is to put the customer’s interests first. At least, that is our motto here at C1 Broker!

So, to choose the right motor insurance for you, take in consideration:

  • Make a detailed comparison of market offers – Here, C1 Broker can help you by studying and comparing hundreds of car insurance quotes from different insurance companies, to offer you a wide range of options at different price levels and coverage levels.
  • Find out what is covered and what is not – ask your broker to explain what is covered and what would happen in the event of an accident.
  • See how much you can afford to pay and what your real needs are – evaluate the offers to find a balance between the cover offered and the price you are willing to pay for the service.

Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

Yes, in Spain there is a bonus system that applies as the driver gains driving experience and has no accidents or claims.

  • This bonus system (or no claim bonus) is composed of a bonus (in the case of being a good driver) and a malus / an aggravation (if you have a negative claims history, in other words, many accidents declared).
  • The Bonus or Aggravation percentage will be increased or reduced depending on the claims record at the end of the first year.
  • At the beginning of a new contract, and if the driver has never driven before, it always starts at 0% bonus/increase.
  • With each renewal of the insurance and if there have been no claims, the driver will gain more bonus.

Therefore, to save on car insurance, you should ask for several quotes, both for third party liability, additional covers and full risk. C1 Broker does this job for you: we study and compare the different insurance offers on the market and present you with the best options.

Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

  • You should also be aware that in the event of an increase or bonus, insurers must notify the client of the new amount applied at least 30 days before renewal of the insurance premium payment date.

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Why you should trust your insurance in Spain to an Insurance Broker

C1 Broker works for you


C1 Broker is a professional insurance brokerage with a highly prepared team with legally imposed professional qualifications, knowledge and skills.

Save Money

C1 Broker's mission is to find you the best insurance products and solutions at affordable prices, with multi-insurance offerings

Claims Management

We work for you in the event of a claim. We ensure that claims are handled correctly and advise you on how to defend yourself.

We defend your interests

An insurance broker is independent and always puts the Customer first, whereas a tied agent defends the interests of the Insurance Companies.

Assistance in your Language

C1 Broker's commitment is to provide assistance, follow-up, and professional advice to our clients. We speak several languages, so that we can offer you correct and responsible advice in your own language.

Choice of Multi Insurance Companies

We collaborate with several insurers, so we are always able to provide the insurance products and contracts best suited to your clients' needs. You always have the possibility to choose the best insurance company, independently, impartially.

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