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C1 Broker offers solutions to insure your Yacht, Sailboat, Jet ski in Spain

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As an insurance broker, C1 Broker’s aim is to find the best insurance solutions for your boat, motorboat or jet-ski in Spain. Each boat and client has different needs, that is why we have a complete and specialised marine insurance portfolio, so that you can sail with peace of mind, protected from any unforeseen event or breakdown.

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At C1 Broker, Insurance Brokerage, we have several clients with pleasure boats in the ports of the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands and also in the Peninsula who have chosen us as a mediator for their nautical insurance. We offer a highly personalized service and inform the client of everything that can happen at sea and what are the best ways to insure their boat.

If you plan to insure your boat, it is a good idea to take into account several points that can help you choose the best insurance and the best coverage. We have also prepared this section for you on our website, which obviously does not dispense with personalized consultation. Each boat and each client has their specific needs and the solutions must be studied individually: only in this way can we guarantee that you have the correct coverage and that you are not paying for something you do not need, but that you have the correct coverage …

Boat insurance and its modalities

At c1 Broker, we have the insurance answer you need, with which you guarantee your safety at sea and the integrity of your boat. Navigate calmly, safe from any unforeseen event or breakdown. And when you go sailing, just enjoy the waves, the wind in your face and that horizon that always awaits you …

What you should expect from your boat insurance:

  • Assistance at sea 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Automatic coverage up to 200 miles expandable with maximum protection.

  • Compensation for partial breakdowns at a new replacement value regardless of the age of the boat.

  • Possibility of contracting the English conditions (Institute Yacht Clauses) for all boats whose insured value exceeds € 20,000.

  • You can insure the actual value of the boat or the new value. Actual value insurance, is less complex  and lowers the price of your premium.

  • You can contract with or without a deductible and choose from several deductible options.

There are basically two types of Civil Liability  contracts in Marine Insurance

  • the obligatory one (only covers damages to third parties, up to the limit established by law – Royal Decree 607/1999 of April 16);

  • and the volunteer, who guarantees the damage of the boat. A deductible (that is, a deductible amount, payable by the insured) may be applied on voluntary insurance.

To deal with possible claims, it is necessary that the skipper who governs the boat is in possession of the corresponding title that enables him to do so (PNB, PER, etc.) and that he has passed all the inspections required by the competent authority and that he has the documentation necessary to navigate. The navigation radius covered by the policies is agreed upon in each one of them.

We only insure boats registered on the 7th list –  which are intended for exclusively private and recreational use (with motor or sailing propulsion). We are not currently insuring boats used for other purposes (professional) such as fishing for sale to third parties, sports, etc …).


What values should be insured? 

When taking out a marine insurance, the usual is to assign a value to the hull and keel; and another to the engines and/or to the sails, declaring them one by one. Normally, these values ​​have to coincide with the replacement costs of such goods.

Also the time of contracting your policy it is very important not to forget which are each and every one of the gear and accessories that are not attached to the hull (except in the event that their insurance is not desired). This accessories could be your leisure fishing gear, GPS gear, Sound system, Special lighting system, Solar panels, BBQ gear, etc…


"Spanish Clauses" Vs. "English Clauses"

In addition, there is another distinction, which is applied depending on which are the applicable clauses or stipulations: the so-called “Spanish clauses” and the “English clauses”. 

“English clauses” have a broader framework of guarantees, and were drawn up at the time by the Institute Yacht Clauses in London. The practical difference between the “Spanish clauses” and the “English clauses” is that the English ones allow you to agree on a value for a boat. The Spanish clauses don’t, they take the market value of the ship.

If the opportunity exists, it is always better to take out a marine insurance with English clauses.

At C1 Broker, we offer you the possibility of contracting the “Spanish clauses” or the English clauses (Institute Yacht Clauses) for all vessels whose insured value exceeds € 20,000.

Damages caused by the following contingencies are usually guaranteed: shipwreck, dumping (the action and effect of throwing cargoes and other things that weigh on the ship into the sea, when it is necessary to lighten it, so that it does not perish due to the storm),  stranded, collision with a fixed or floating object, temporary, sinking that is not due to poor maintenance of the boat, theft in a guarded and closed place, and malicious acts of third parties. Among the notable coverage exclusions, it is worth mentioning -among others- the damage caused to the sails torn by the wind, detachment of outboard motors, faulty maintenance of the boat, purely mechanical breakdowns of all kinds, serious negligence, breakdowns produced when leaving the ship anchored in beaches or coves without assistance, etc … …

Let us also note that in the event of a total loss, caused by a breakdown covered in the policy, compensation is usually made by the market value, a deduction made from the value of remains, which will always remain in the possession of the insured. In the event that the accident occurs abroad, the insured can go to one of the breakdown certification entities (called Breakdown Commissioners -they are experts in the Transportation and Ships Branch-), who will take care of process the corresponding assessment and send it to the insurance company.

Choose the right insurance for your sailing or motor boat in Spain

When it comes to choosing the right Spanish boat insurance, it pays to choose a specialized broker who understands the unique covers of marine insurance. There are a number of things to consider when selecting a policy, from the type of boat you have to the activities you’ll be undertaking. It’s important to choose a broker who can provide tailored advice and find the right policy to suit your needs.

With so many options on the market, it’s essential to work with someone who understands the ins and outs of Spanish boat insurance. By doing your research and working with a specialist, you can be sure you’re getting the right cover for your needs.

A boat insurance is a specific insurance designed to cover damage caused in an accident at sea, river, harbours or marinas to pleasure boats such as motor boats / sailing boats, rowing boats, water motorbikes and jet-skis. Just like car insurance, boat insurance is compulsory in Spain, specifically the third party liability cover. Complementary cover such as maritime and shore assistance, own damage or theft, can be taken out additionally, to guarantee maximum peace of mind.

C1 Broker has various options for your boat insurance in Spain. Here are some of the coverages included in boat insurances:

  • Public liability;
  • Marine and shore assistance to the boat
  • Damage to or theft of the boat (including accessories);
  • Rescue expenses (including personal accidents to occupants);

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FAQ about Boat Insurance in Spain

Here you will find some answers about marine insurance in Spain. But if you still can't find what you're looking for, send us a message through the form. We are happy to answer you!

According to Spanish Law 27/1992, of November 24, on State Ports and the Merchant Navy, it is mandatory to have proof of payment of the insurance premium for the current period on the boat. This document  it will prove its validity, provided that contains at least the following specifications:

  • The insurance company that underwrites the coverage.
  • Sufficient identification of the insured vessel.
  • The coverage period with indication of the date and time when its effects begin and end.
  • The indication that it is the compulsory insurance coverage.

This documentation must be on board the boat. If it is required by the competent authorities and said documentation is not found on board, the policyholder will have five business days to justify the validity of the insurance before them. The navigation of leisure boats that are not insured in the established way, will suppose a serious infringement  (Chapter III of Title IV of Law 27/1992, of November 24, on State Ports and Merchant Navy of Spain).

Boat insurance is mandatory in Spain and navigators must have compulsory public liability insurance. This compulsory insurance covers damages to people or property that might be caused by the boat. There are different types of boat insurance policies, so it is advisable to check with your insurer what is and is not covered by your policy.

Mandatory public liability in boat insurance is protection against damages that you may be held responsible for if you injure another person or damage their property while operating your boat. Boat insurance typically covers any liability arising from boat use. If you are found to be at fault for an accident, public liability insurance helps  cover the cost of damages to other people or property. It also provide peace of mind in knowing that you are financially protected should something go wrong. 

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Choosing the right boat insurance in Spain can be a complex and confusing task. You want to make sure you’re adequately covered in case of an accident, but you don’t want to pay more than necessary. One way to choose the right boat insurance is to find a specialised broker, like C1 Broker,  who understands marine policies inside and out. We have years of experience and we are able to help you choose a marine policy that meets your needs. We are also able to answer any questions you have about coverages and exclusions. In addition, we can provide guidance on what type of policy would be best for your particular situation:

  • Advice on taking policies with English Clauses or Spanish Clauses
  • We know well the different boat insurance policies available in the Spanish Market, and can recommend the right one for you: Allianz, Axa, Zurich, Mapfre, Liberty, etc…

By working with a C1 Broker, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

It’s happened to the best of us boat owners. You’re out on the water, enjoying a peaceful day boat claims when all of a sudden, you hit something and your propeller is damaged. Often, the damage is caused by a rope or other debris that has become wound around the propeller. While it may seem like a minor accident, it can actually cause major damage to your boat’s engine. And, since most spanish clauses boat insurance policies exclude coverage for accidents caused by debris, you may be stuck with a hefty repair bill.


What about Yacht Clauses?

Yes! Many boat owners are surprised to learn that damage caused by a rope wound around the propeller is covered by Yacht Clauses Insurance. This type of accident is actually quite common, and it can be very costly to repair the damage. Fortunately, if you have insurance, you will not have to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. Instead, you can simply file a boat claim with your insurance company. In most cases, the insurance company will reimburse you for the cost of the repairs. So, if you own a boat, be sure to purchase Yacht Clauses Insurance in order to protect yourself from expensive repairs in the event of an accident.

So, if you find yourself in this situation, be sure to take some deep breaths and remember that accidents happen. With a little bit of patience and perseverance, you’ll get your boat back in working order in no time. Ask us now for your free no obligation quote!

Yacht clauses are special provisions in marine insurance that cover your boat against specified perils.

English clauses or Yacht clauses usually provide more comprehensive coverage than standard marine insurance policies, and they typically allow policyholders to choose the value of the yacht to be insured.

Some yacht clauses also provide complete covers, which protect against all risks except those specifically excluded in the policy.

Whether you’re a yacht owner or a yacht charter company, it’s important to understand what yacht clauses are and how they can benefit you. By carefully selecting the right yacht clause for your needs, you can ensure that your investment is properly protected. 

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