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The page you are visiting belongs to Wiseg Mediación de Seguros SL (C1 Broker), which has a policy on the use of cookies common to all its companies. Cookies are data storage and retrieval devices that play an essential role in the provision of numerous information society services, facilitate user navigation and sometimes offer advertising based on browsing habits. These types of files are downloaded to the user’s computer, smartphone or tablet when accessing certain web pages to store and retrieve information about the navigation that is carried out from said equipment. Through the use of data storage and retrieval devices (cookies and others), service providers obtain data related to users that can later be used:

In accordance with Royal Decree Law 13/2012 and its effect in article 22.2 of the Law on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, this Website We use our own and third party cookies to prepare statistical information and show you personalized advertising through the analysis of your navigation. If you continue browsing you accept their use.

Below we offer you information about what “Cookies” are, what type of cookies are used on Grupo La Información’s websites and mobile applications, how they can be deactivated in your browser and how to specifically block the installation of third-party Cookies.


Cookies are files or data storage and retrieval devices that play an essential role in providing numerous information society services. They facilitate user navigation and offer advertising based, at times, on browsing habits. These types of files are downloaded to the user’s computer, smartphone, tablet or connected television when accessing the Grupo La Información web pages to store and retrieve information about the navigation carried out from said equipment.


Through the use of cookies, service providers obtain information related to browsing the websites that can later be used to:

  • Improve the services offered.

  • Make websites work more agile and adapted to user preferences.

  • Know the browsing experience that helps us improve the performance of the website, advertising management and the products or services we offer.

  • Establish levels of protection and security that prevent or hinder attacks against the website or its users.

Important: Cookies are only associated with an anonymous User and their computer or mobile device and never provide references that allow the User’s personal data to be deduced. The User may configure his browser to notify and reject the installation of Cookies sent by the Wiseg Mediación de Seguros SL (C1 Broker) websites, without this affecting the User’s ability to access the Contents, but it is possible that not You can access certain sections if you disable them.


Cookies, depending on their permanence, can be classified as session or permanent cookies. The first ones expire when the User closes the browser. The second, depending on when the objective for which they serve is fulfilled or when they are manually deleted.

Depending on their objective, the cookies used on the pages of Wiseg Mediacion de Seguros SL (C1 Broker) have been classified according to the guidelines of the “Guide on the use of cookies” published by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection.

Empresa Molelo uses the following categories of cookies on this site depending on its objective:

1. Performance Cookies: They are those that allow the user to navigate through the web pages and mobile applications of Grupo La Información and the use of the different options or services that exist in it, such as, for example, controlling traffic and communication data, identify the session, access parts of restricted access, remember the elements that make up an order and carry out the process of purchasing an order for e-commerce services, make the request for registration or participation in an event, use elements security while browsing or store content for broadcasting videos or sound.

We do not use third party performance cookies.

2. Geolocation cookies: These cookies are used by programs that try to geographically locate the situation of the computer, mobile device or connected television, in order to offer you more appropriate content and services in a totally anonymous way.

We do not use third-party geolocation cookies.

3. Registration Cookies : Registration Cookies are generated once the User has registered or subsequently opened his session, and are used to identify him in the different services with the following objectives:

  • Keep the User identified so that, if he closes the web page he is on, closes the browser or computer and at another time re-enters said web page where he was identified, he will continue to be identified, thus facilitating his navigation without having to return. to be identified. This functionality can be suppressed if the User presses the “close session” functionality, so that this Cookie is eliminated and the next time the User enters the Service, the User will have to log in to be identified.

  • Check if the User is authorized to access certain Services, for example, to participate in a contest.

Third-party services: The companies with which we have contracted web analytics services have their own privacy policies, which you can consult at the following links:

4. Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies, whether processed by us or by third parties (Google Analytics, Comscore or similar), are those that allow the monitoring and analysis of the behavior of users of the websites and mobile applications of Grupo La Información a the ones that are linked.

The information collected through this type of cookie is used to:

  • Allow anonymous identification of browsing Users through the “Cookie” (which identifies browsers and devices, never people) and thus be able to count approximately the number of visitors and their trend over time.

  • Anonymously identify the most visited content

  • Identify if the User who is accessing is new or has previously visited the website.

Third-party services: The companies with which we have contracted web analytics services have their own privacy policies, which you can consult at the following links:

5. Advertising Cookies: These are those that, well treated by us or by third parties, allow the information of the advertisements shown to each anonymous User to be expanded on the websites and mobile applications of Grupo La Información. Among others, the duration or frequency of display of advertising positions, the interaction with them, or the browsing patterns and / or behaviors of the User are stored as they help to form a profile of advertising interest. In this way, they allow to offer advertising related to the interests of the User.

Third-party services: The companies or advertising networks have their own privacy policies, which can be consulted through the following links:

Consent settings

Likewise, some websites of Wiseg Mediación de Seguros SL (C1 Broker) may use connectors with social networks (Facebook, Twitter. Google+, etc). When the User registers for a Service with credentials from a social network, they authorize the social network to save a persistent Cookie that remembers their identity and guarantees access to the Services until it expires. The User can delete this Cookie and revoke access to the Services through social networks by updating their preferences in each of the social networks.

How can you configure your “Cookies”?

By browsing and continuing on any of the Wiseg Mediación de Seguros SL (C1 Broker) Websites, you consent to the use of Cookies under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy. Grupo La Información provides access to this Cookies Policy at the time of registration in order for the user to be informed, and without prejudice to the fact that the user can exercise their right to block, eliminate and reject the use of Cookies at any time.

Normally it is possible to stop accepting browser Cookies, or stop accepting Cookies from a particular Service.

All modern browsers allow you to change the cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the ‘options’ or ‘Preferences’ of your browser menu.

Below we offer links where you will find information on how you can activate your preferences in the main browsers and plugins:

You can configure your preferences regarding third-party advertising cookies, provider by provider, in the following specialized portals:

What happens if “Cookies” are disabled?

Some functionalities of the Services will be disabled, such as remaining identified, keeping purchases in the “shopping cart” in an e-commerce Service, receiving information directed to their location or viewing some videos.

Wiseg Mediación de Seguros SL (C1 Broker) is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of third parties included in this cookie policy.

If you wish to contact us regarding our cookie policy, you can do so at protecciondedatos @c1broker.es indicating the word COOKIE in the subject of the email.


Cookies – Digital Compliance


At C1 Broker, we take data security very seriously. We recognise the importance of ensuring that our clients’ information is protected at all times. That’s why we have created a digital compliance department to ensure that our processes and technologies meet the highest standards of online security. We are committed to staying at the forefront of security best practices to give our customers the peace of mind that their data is safe with us.

On our website you can find, in a transparent and accessible way, information about: Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Cookies, ARSOL Rights, CSD Regulations, Safe Listing and Legal Consent.

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