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How to apply for the transfer of a vehicle?

How to apply for the name transfer of a vehicle?

When buying a car, the used car market has always been a good alternative. There are companies that deal with the transfer of vehicles. They take care of all the paperwork for a fee. However, these processes are not too complicated, and if we do it ourselves, we can save a lot of money.


In order to transfer a motor vehicle, the formalities must be carried out in two bodies: Tax Administration and the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT). If you have a digital certificate, at least in some communities, it can be very advantageous, as you can carry out the first procedure electronically, so you would only need to travel once to change the ownership of the car.


The definitive deregistration for export or transfer of a car to another country is mainly used in the following situations: the owner of the vehicle intends to move his residence to another country and wants to take his car with him or sell it abroad. The DGT notes that in this case it is important to implement a certain procedure of removal of the vehicle before the change of residence becomes effective. In the case of selling the vehicle to be registered in another country, this cancellation may also be necessary.


From the date of cancellation until the vehicle is registered in its new country of destination, the DGT recommends two transfer options: temporary registration with green number plates (allowing the vehicle to continue to circulate) and the use of cranes or other alternative means of transport for the transfer.


The DGT also mentioned on its official website that, if the destination country or region is not within the EU, it must provide the owner with a responsible declaration stating that the vehicle is not junk or coming from a junkyard.


In this article we tell you everything you need to do to apply for the transfer of your car without investing a lot of money. The application is very simple. Follow the steps below:


Processing of the transfer (change of ownership)

It is essential to request an appointment on the official website of the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). Without an appointment, you will not be attended to.


You will have to fill in the transfer tax form 620 of the Department of Finance and pay the tax (approximately 5.5% of the value of the vehicle). If the car is more than 10 years old, the price is fixed.


It is advisable to have the contract of sale of the vehicle at hand, as this is the only means by which the seller is obliged to hand over the vehicle to you, in fact, it is a proof of compulsory transfer of ownership.


You will then have to attend the appointment at the DGT to change the ownership of the vehicle. You must bring the original DNI and a copy, both of the buyer and the seller.


You must also bring the proof of payment previously made, this will allow the Dirección General de Tráfico to make the corresponding stamping.


The former owner (seller) must bring the valid vehicle registration certificate; if he/she does not have it, he/she must take care of it in order to be able to transfer the vehicle.


Finally, the following must be presented:

  • Original valid Technical Vehicle Inspection Card (ITV).
  • Official vehicle transfer form from the Dirección General de Tráfico.

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