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C1 Broker Lanzarote Opens new Insurance office in Tías

We have a brand new insurance office in Tías, Lanzarote for all your insurance needs. Come and visit William Smith and his team to receive professional insurance advice. We are your one-stop-shop for car insurance, house insurance, life insurance, health insurance in Lanzarote.       We are an independ broker and our mission is

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Boat Insurance in Spain

Boat Insurance: Top 3 most common accidents that happen to Navigators

We have analysed all our marine claims from the last 5 years and identified the most common accidents that happen to our boat insured customers. The majority of claims were for yacht collision, followed by sailing accidents and then engine failure.  Here are a few common accidents that happen our navigators: Running into another boat

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Fire in la palma burnt houses and the role of insurance

Fire on La Palma – Burnt Houses and the Role of Insurance

In this post we give some practical advice on how to resolve the consequences of the fire in La Palma and to claim for a burnt house through your insurance.   In the Aridane Valley it still smells of smoke, a penetrating smell that enters through the nose and reaches the soul, which will never

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