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Health insurance in Spain: What you need to know about Private Medical Insurance Products

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In order to choose well and navigate smoothly through the complicated Health Insurance choices in Spain you need to be well informed. In this article we have summarised the most important information for you, so that you can avoid future mishaps and be well prepared for your new life in Spain. We will talk about waiting periods, co-payments, free choice of doctors and reimbursement system and limits of health insurance products.

First of all, it is important that you take your time and get sufficient advice on this topic from the insurance professional of your choice. We will be happy to make an appointment with you and advise you in detail.

Incorrect and insufficient advice as well as poor knowledge of the existing insurance systems most often lead to problems with health insurance.

That is why it is important to invest a little time in educating yourself on the subject of health insurance cover.

Also, cheap is not necessarily best. Good advice often saves unnecessary follow-up costs and a lot of hassle.


How do you get affordable Spanish private health insurance?

In Spain, private health insurers conclude contracts directly with various doctors and private clinics. In these contracts, the fees to be paid are already fixed. The insured can then be treated in these facilities. The billing goes to the insurance company and is settled there directly with the practitioner.

The benefits also differ considerably from the included benefits of an English private insurance.

In Spain, various benefits are not included or are only covered to a limited extent. These include: any kind of previous illness, dental treatment, medication, comprehensive preventive care, HIV disease, remedies and aids, dialysis treatment, prostheses and artificially inserted materials, transplants, massages, naturopathy, acupuncture, coverage on trips abroad is usually only minimally covered. This explains the low premiums quite simply.


How to insure yourself when you work and live in Spain

As a self-employed person or employee, it is up to you to decide whether you want to join the statutory health insurance scheme (Seguridad Social) and pay the associated premiums. The largest share of the costs is financed by the state, which means that the system has shortcomings that lead to poor care for the insured.

Private doctors and clinics can close this gap. In order to have a free choice here, you need additional private health insurance. There is a wide range of offers, from standard to luxury care. So everyone can choose the insurance that suits them best.


What is the best way to insure yourself as a pensioner living in Spain?

As a pensioner in the European Economic Area, you are usually a member of a statutory health insurance fund in your own country. According to the social security agreement, these insurers in Spain provide the benefits to which Spanish insured persons are also entitled under the statutory system.

If the insured person wishes to receive special treatment from a private institution, he or she must take out supplementary insurance. The supplementary insurance covers dental as well as private outpatient and inpatient services, depending on the scope.

This supplementary insurance should be taken out as soon as possible, as it has an age limit of between 60 and 75 years and the state of health of the person to be insured must meet certain requirements.

Pre-existing conditions can lead to rejection or restriction of insurance cover.

It is not advisable to opt out of an already existing statutory insurance. In any case, you should seek professional advice before making this decision.


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