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Liberty Insurance is a diversified global insurer that offers a wide range of insurance products and services, including personal automobile, homeowners, workers’ compensation, and more. Founded in 1912, the company employs over 45,000 people in more than 900 locations around the world. As of December 31, 2021, Liberty Insurance had $156.043 billion in assets, $128.195 billion in liabilities, and $48.2 billion in annual revenue.


Liberty Mutual Group is an American insurer and the sixth-largest property and casualty insurer in the United States. In Spain and Portugal, Liberty Insurance uses the trade name “Liberty Seguros”, and their main insurance products are:

  • Liberty House Insurance
  • Liberty Motor Insurance
  • Liberty Life Insurance
  • Liberty Marine Insurance
  • Liberty Pet Insurance

And much more…


Liberty Mutual at a glance:

  • #78 Fortune Ranking based on 2021 revenue
  • 6th Largest Property and casualty insurer globally 2020 gross written premium
  • 45 K+ Estimated employees worldwide.
  • 29 Countries and economies around the world


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Liberty Insurance for Expats & Foreign Residents in Spain

With a specific expatriate and foreign residents insurance solutions, Liberty Seguros is one of the main partners of C1 Broker – Insurance brokers in Spain and Portugal.

Together with Liberty Insurance, C1 Broker has designed special insurance products for foreign residents in Spain with extended covers and very competitive premiums.


Contact us today to receive a quote for your House Insurance, Car, Motor or Life Insurance with Liberty.



Why hiring your Liberty Insurance with a broker like C1 Broker?


Insurance brokers are the go-to professionals for big insurance companies. They act as an intermediary between customer and provider, ensuring that all requirements of each party involved in a transaction have been met before moving forward with it. This means we’re always on hand to answer any questions you may have about your policy or assist.


At C1 Broker, we have been working many years with Liberty Seguros, and we know well the pros’ and cons of Liberty Insurance products and in case of a claim, we will help to solve any problems that may arise.


As most of big insurance companies nowadays, Liberty Seguros don’t have their own network of direct sales, trusting entirely in insurance mediators like agents or brokers to handle the sales and personalised assessment of clients.


And Insurance brokers have long been seen as a valuable resource for those looking for the best deal on their car or home insurance. The truth is, brokers can still save you money – and they can do much more than that. Here are four reasons why hiring your Liberty insurance through a broker like C1 Broker is a wise decision:


  1. C1 Broker’s team have access to a variety of insurance solutions, which means they can find the best deal for you.
  2. C1 Broker can help you understand your Liberty policy and make sure you’re fully protected.
  3. C1 Broker can also save you time and hassle by handling all the paperwork for you.
  4. And finally, at we can help you if you have a claim.


The most important question to ask yourself when looking into insurance is who will I deal with? A broker has access and relationships across all companies, which means they can get you the best possible price for your policy.


Bearing in mind that brokers are experts at finding just policies from various providers while still meeting claim requirements – not only do these professionals offer competitive rates but their expertise also allows them find customized solutions tailored specifically around what’s needed out there today!


We would be very happy to receive an email or a phone call from you. Let C1 Broker be you Liberty Insurance broker in Spain. Contact us today!

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