Maybe the Best Health Insurance in Spain? DKV Top Health

C1 Broker - Maybe the Best Health Insurance in Spain? DKV Top Health

In this post we are going to talk about DKV TOP Health, the most complete health product of DKV, a premium health insurance solution for residents in Spain and that have a lifestyle that includes frequent traveling or passing certain seasons of the year in other countries.  And although the price is a bit high, the benefits are really very complete. It is without a doubt, one of the best health insurances that can be acquired at the moment in Spain. 


DKV – Deutsche Krankenversicherung, which is literally translated as German Health insurance, is one of the health insurance companies with the best reputation, it belongs to the Ergo Group, and although it is of German origin, it has been in Spain for more than 3 decades.


We are C1 Broker, insurance brokers specialized in health insurance in Portugal and Spain, work with more than 25 national and international insurance companies. In this video I am going to talk specifically about the product Top Health of DKV. We also have other videos about other health companies and private medical insurances, so don’t forget to check them as well.


If you are looking for information about health insurance in Spain, this video is for you. Especially if you want to take out a really complete product, then DKV Top Health should be on the top of your list.



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So what is Top Health – Health Insurance from DKV?

Top Health from DKV is a very complete Private Insurance, which allows the free choice of doctors and hospitals all over the world. 

It has no limits of any kind, except for the dental coverage, which I will talk about later.

Spain, UK, USA, Asia, Switzerland, wherever you want, but you have to be a fiscal resident in Spain to take out the policy,


How can you use Top Health?

The medical care can be used in the Medical Directory of the entity (doctors, specialists, hospital clinics) there is no limit to the amount, you pay absolutely nothing, on presentation of the DKV card. 

And you also have the freedom to choose any doctor, specialist or clinic anywhere in the world, in which case you pay the bill, then present it to DKV using the personal APP, they will then  reimburse 100% of the invoices in Spain and 100% in the world.    


What Covers offer the Top Health Insurance from DKV? 

Inpatient, Outpatient and Daypatient without Limits = Health Care + Specialists + Diagnostic Exams and check ups  Serious illnesses, Oncology disease,  Medications & drugs (those prescribed by a doctor and that can be bought in a pharmacy ) + Alternative therapies (Homeopathy, acupuncture and chiromassage) + Odontology (own means 100% covered and free choice reimbursement 80% and up to 9.000€/year) Clinical Psychology up to 30 sessions per year + Transplants and Organs + Assisted Reproduction + Surgical Prosthesis without limit + Speech Therapy and Phoniatrics + Psychotherapy + Sleep Unit + Myopia Correction (max 1.500 per eye in centre of free choice) Medicines and Vaccinations included. 



– without deductible, 

– with a 600€ deductible 

– with a 1.200€ deductible


The deductibles in health insurance are very useful to keep the premiums lower. These or annual deductibles are only applied in the reimbursement of medical expenses in non-contracted centers. 


In other words, in the case of using the free choice of doctors, these invoices are sent to DKV, where they are kept until the top of the contracted deductible is reached (600 euros or 1200 euros ) and from then on 100% of the premium is reimbursed.


Remember that this deductible only applies to the reimbursement option. It does not apply to the medical services through DKV’s medical directory.


Example of premiums in 2022 TOP Healtth

Woman aged 44: 

  • Deductible 1200 Euros 213,50 Euros/month 2.459,53 Euros/yearly.
  • Deductible 600 Euros 237,96€/month 2.741,29/yearly
  • Without deductible 275,31€/month 3.171,56€/year 3.171,56€/year

Discount of 7% annual payment.


Maximum age to hire:  To hire this insurance you need to be under 75 years of age. 



Top Health is a product without age limit of permanence, that is to say, once insured we can stay insured till you reach 100 years, or more… and this is a very important detail, DKV Top Health, like all the policies of DKV they offer Lifelong coverage , that is to say the insurer commits himself to give you coverage for life, independent of whether you have many illnesses or accidents. We know that unfortunately there are companies in the market that do not give these guarantees and for this reason, this is a point that clearly stands out as a positive point for this insurer.

Other reasons to hire DKV Top Health:

  1. DKV  has one of the most extensive medical networks in Spain  (DKV Medical Directory 20.000 specialists and 1.200 centres).
  2. Fewer authorisations than other insurances
  3.  Lifetime policy after 3 years and the premium does not increase according to the claims rate.
  4. Accompanying bed in hospital and single room.
  5. Dental policy included (extractions, cleaning, radiology and free consultations) and the rest of the services are franchised at agreed prices, and in the case of TOP Health everything is included up to the limit 9.000 euros
  6. Fewer authorisations than other insurances
  7.  Lifetime policy after 3 years and the premium does not increase according to the claims rate.
  8. If you are hospitalised, you are entitled to a single room and a bed for your companion. 
  9. Travel Assistance and Medical Assistance in traffic and work-related accidents.
  10. Express reimbursement of bills: less than 7 days (for Mundi, Top, Resi reimbursement products).
  11. Digital Doctor


Periods of grace /waiting periods for the product TOP Health


  • Hospitalisation and Surgical Intervention*: 6 months (*except vital emergency)
  • Surgical prosthesis: 6 Months
  • Births: 8 months (except premature births)
  • Transplants: 12 months
  • Dental Prostheses and Maxillary Orthopaedics: 8 months (DKV Mundi / Resident / TOP) 
  • Assisted Reproductive Techniques (individual mod.): 48 months


Remember that at C1 Broker, we are insurance brokers and we work with more than 25 national and international insurance companies.

We always study your needs, your budget, your lifestyle, to help you find the best insurance solution for you. If this insurance seems very interesting but a bit expensive for your budget, don’t worry because we will look for other equally interesting solutions that fit in your wallet.


We are specialists in insuring Expats & Foreign residents in Spain and Portugal. If you have any questions you can write to us, send us an email, or why not come and visit us at our offices. My team and I will be happy to meet you personally. 

Goodbye and be well insured!


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