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Pet insurance: Is there insurance for my dog or cat?

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For many families, pets are like family. However, pet insurance has not yet reached the required level. The fact is that most of these policies are voluntary, in this sense we are far from other neighbouring countries. Therefore, if we care about our pets, why not establish policies to protect them?


In Spain, almost half of all households have pets. According to data from the Affinity Foundation, it is estimated that Spanish families care for 3.9 million cats and 6.4 million dogs. However, according to the American Pet Food Manufacturers Association (Anfaac), only 1% of these pets are insured. In other countries such as France and the UK, this proportion has risen to 25%.


How does pet insurance work?

According to the Insurance Information Institute*, the cost of pet insurance is generally determined by your pet’s age, general health and the type of pet insurance you choose to purchase. As with personal health insurance, you may have to pay annual premiums and deductibles through a pet plan. You may have to pay for veterinary services before you can be reimbursed for covered costs. Like most insurance policies, coverage may apply.


Is pet insurance mandatory?

Pet insurance covering domestic dogs and cats is usually voluntary and there are only a few exceptions.

On the one hand, having cats at home does not imply an obligation to take out insurance. For dogs, unless the dog is one of the so-called “potentially dangerous breeds”, it is generally not necessary to insure the dog. There is one exception: the Community of Madrid and the Basque Country do require owners to implement civil liability policies for dogs.


Basic insurance

Generally, this is basic insurance, but different companies can extend the insurance cover as necessary. If your pet is a purebred dog (especially an exhibition dog), the possibility of having it stolen is very common.It’s possible to insure this type of pet against theft. In addition, pets are also a member of the family and an insurance can cover everything from basic veterinary care to any other needs you see fit. You can purchase insurance for dogs and cats, which covers the cost of shelter, medical examinations that the animal may need or transport to the veterinary centre in case of an emergency.


What does pet health insurance cover? Pet health insurance can help your pet get the care it needs without incurring unexpected expenses. Pet health insurance may include the following insurances:

  • Accidental injury
  • Illness
  • Specific conditions


In addition, certain pet insurance plans may allow you to purchase additional insurance, including: Different levels of care plans can help pay for routine care and preventive surgery, such as spaying or neutering. At the highest level, it can help pay for dental care, prescription diets and hip examinations.


Prescription drug coverage in the event your pet receives maintenance medications.


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