My child broke a window in a shop. Would it be covered by my insurance?

My child broke a window in a shop. Would it be covered by my insurance?

If you take out home insurance, make sure that it has the necessary coverage to protect you from incidents that may occur in your home and outside it.

Sometimes, the glass in the table or a window, marble in the bathroom or kitchen, the toilet, the sink or the ceramic bathtub, etc. break. Although there are some exceptions between companies and products, this type of breakage is usually included in the glass coverage of home insurance policies.


But… will my insurance pay for this type of accident if it happens away from home?

The answer is yes. Let’s take an example:

You are with your child in a toy store and he or she picks up a ball and starts playing football (this is a fairly common situation). Unintentionally, your child kicks the ball too hard and it goes in the wrong direction. The ball hits the window of the toy store and the window shatters into a thousand pieces.


So… What should I do if my child breaks a glass or something else?


First of all, you should be clear about a few things:

Taking out home insurance can give you peace of mind in the event of incidents occurring directly in your home (such as fire, burglary, etc.), as they will be covered if you have taken out the appropriate guarantees, but situations can also arise that affect third parties (such as neighbours, visitors, etc.). For this, you will be covered by means of Property Liability.


But, in addition, home insurance usually includes Family Civil Liability cover, which covers you and the family members who live with you, for any accidental damage they may be caused to third parties.


The above example of the child with the ball is a clear Family Liability situation.

So, answering the question, what should you do if your child breaks a glass or something else, we tell you how you should proceed:


  • You should inform your insurance agent of the incident. They will indicate the documentation to be presented, both by you and the affected party.
  • Depending on the case, an expert appraisal will be carried out by your insurance company.
  • After the valuations, the affected party will receive the compensation established by the expert.


Having Civil Liability included in your home insurance policy is a great advantage, as the Insurance Company will be responsible for the repair or compensation to third parties, which must be assumed for damages caused by your responsibility or that of the family members with whom you live.


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