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Do I really need Cyber Risk Insurance?

Do I really need Cyber Risk Insurance?

Nowadays, most companies use digital tools in their daily work. As a result, they are highly exposed to attacks via the internet. By purchasing cyber risk insurance, you will be protected against all attacks you may face.

As the owner of a company with a weblog, even if you take the necessary preventive measures and constantly check all the details, there will always be a percentage of risk. Data protection is fundamental, and why not leave this responsibility to the experts?

Although it is not compulsory to take out this type of insurance, it is very important and advisable, as they will take care of all the management and responsibility that may arise from such attacks.

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small company, for a tiny malicious action your business could quickly go bankrupt.

Keep in mind that with just one email containing malware, your work and stored data could be lost in its entirety.

Cyber risk insurance for your company: No matter the size of your company, data protection is essential.

How to choose a Cyber Risk Insurance?

A Cyber Risk Insurance is as important as any other insurance, before acquiring one of these services it will be necessary to take into account several aspects. It is important that when looking for a company that offers this type of product, you are well informed about the details of the guarantees offered and compliance with all legal regulations. Look for an insurance company with trained technical staff, so that you are sure that your company’s data will be in the best hands; as the owner you have the right to receive audits and first class training.

The Cyber Risk Insurance should have full access to your company’s daily web activities, as well as to all the data you handle, thus creating a guaranteed backup.

If your company has been working with a website for some time, you should already know what your company’s weaknesses are and in which areas they need to be further strengthened.

In Cyber Risk Insurance, the services vary greatly from one company to another, however, you should look for an Insurance Company that at least has these basic coverages:

  • To cover the costs generated by a system crash.
  • Control the access of different users.
  • To offer technical service 24 hours a day throughout the week, in case the system crashes at any time.
  • Decontaminate the web from all adjacent malware.
  • Pay finances and take care of various corporate legal suits.
  • Dealing with financial problems caused to third parties by alteration, destruction, loss or theft of data information.

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