Cancellation of Insurance Contracts in Spain

Request the cancellation of your insurance

Legal Term for Cancellation of the Insurance Contract in Spain

 According to the Spanish Insurance Contract Law, your policy will be automatically renewed for periods of no less than one year. If you wish to cancel your policy upon expiration, you must send us a signed letter at least one month in advance ( download an Insurance Policy Cancellation Model here ) and a copy of your DNI / NIE / Passport. This applies to policies in all lines except health.


Cancellations sent outside the legal period are not valid nor do they exempt the policyholder from paying the premium.


  • If you wish to cancel a matter of price, recalls that C1 Broker, your Insurance Broker, we offer alternatives! The best prices guaranteed!

Cancellations of Health Policies

The policyholder who wishes to request the withdrawal must do so in writing at least one month before the expiration of the policy. For example, DKV health policies expire in the calendar year, that is, December 31.

Request the cancellation of your insurance contract

Please read the above notice carefully and have PDF copies of your documents ready to attach to this form.

 Remember that late cancellations will not be accepted.

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