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Travel Insurance 2022 – What you need to know before you go on holiday

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With the arrival of summer and the “end of the pandemic”, the desire to travel has awakened each and everyone of us. It does not matter what the destination is, whether national or international, just the desire to return to normality and enjoy leisure time in good company.


The pandemic has still left deep scars on the majority of the world’s population, such as the “fear of getting sick”, of “getting stuck in a foreign country”, or that unpleasant situations may simply happen and spoil the holiday!


That’s why people always take out and rely more and more on travel insurance, so that they don’t have to worry about it and leave the “mishaps” to the professionals.


For all these reasons, at C1 Broker, insurance brokerage, we have analysed and chosen the best travel insurance products that offer complete travel assistance cover for people in Spain and around the world. In our study we have chosen products from leading companies with the most comprehensive cover on the market and at affordable prices. When you ask us for a quote for your travel insurance, we will recommend not only the most complete products, but also the most economical ones.


The most commonly used travel insurance coverages are:

  • Medical assistance and illness by COVID
  • Legal Defence
  • Civil Liability
  • Travel cancellation expenses for multiple reasons
  • Incidents with luggage
  • Include your pets in the family trip


And many more!  However, the coverage that raises the most questions is the health care coverage in case of Corona Virus. Here we would like to share with you the questions that often arise when taking out travel insurance.


If I get sick with Covid-19 during the trip, will the PCR/test be covered?


Yes! This is one of the typical questions we are often asked.

Once the trip has started, you and the people travelling with you who are also declared in the policy will be covered for the medical expenses you need, as well as the diagnostic tests prescribed by a doctor (PCR) or hospitalisation, any medical transfer by ambulance or repatriation to your home.

But remember that this cover is only valid on the insurance policies recommended by C1 Broker, there are many insurance policies on the market that do not cover Covid. That’s why it pays to take out your travel insurance with a broker, who is a specialist in their field and knows the difference between the different options on the market. Ask us for a quote for your travel insurance now!



What if I test positive before I return home, is confinement at the destination covered?


Yes! The insurance covers the cost of extending your trip as long as it is medically prescribed, whether or not you test positive for COVID. You will be able to stay in a hotel according to the limits and guarantees of your policy. In addition, if you lose services contracted before you got sick because of the quarantine, such as excursions, the insurance company will compensate you!



If I can’t return home because of COVID and I lose my return ticket because I am sick, what do I do?


Don’t worry, the travel insurance company will organise and pay for your return home by the most appropriate means of transport. If necessary, in Europe they will even use an emergency medical flight.



If a family member falls ill while I am travelling and is hospitalised by COVID, does the insurance cover my early return?


If it is longer than a 5-day hospitalisation, the travel insurance will organise your return. The same applies in the event of the death of a family member.



What if the borders are closed or a state of emergency is declared, am I covered by the travel insurance?


If you have to interrupt your trip due to one of these circumstances, the travel insurance will take care of transport to your home in Spain, as long as you cannot exchange it for the return ticket previously contracted.


What else does travel insurance cover?


In general, everything related to COVID will be covered under the same circumstances as any other illness covered by the policy.



Does the travel insurance cover the cancellation of my trip if I am diagnosed with COVID-19?


Yes, the travel insurance will reimburse you for cancellation expenses up to the limit of the policy.


If you have any doubts or curiosity, we invite you to read more information about travel insurance on our website or contact our C1 Broker team. We always recommend you to take out travel insurance, not only for COVID protection, but also to enjoy your well-deserved holidays in absolute PEACE OF MIND!


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